Are you tired of carrying your laptop everywhere you go? Do you feel like if you had a PC in your hotel room? Well, then there is a simple solution to this problem. You can by a PC stick, connect it with any monitor or TV and you can start working, view movies or even browse internet at will.


T5  Mini PC Stick is one of those PC stick that comes at an affordable price and is really useful at the hour of need. With a hard disk memory of 32 GB, 2 GB RAM and a powerful processor this is the best that you can get.



Along with the powerful processor and RAM, you also get effective connectivity options which enable you to access internet as and when required. You can view videos, stream online matches and watch movies. Also with the in-built Intel graphics, you can easily enjoy HD quality images on the big screen. In short it can make your life easy.


When it comes to the work, there is nothing better than this mini PC. With the in-built Windows 10, you can even install any Microsoft app and work at your will. All you will need is an HDMI cable and you will be able to connect to an monitor or TV.


So, in case you are ready to buy this awesome PC stick then visit ACEPC and order your mini PC today. It’s portable, affordable and can be used with any monitor. Overall this is a product that might come handy even at the time of emergency. So, do not waste your time, get one today and see how it can help you out in the hour of need.