One of the most effective ways of building your back muscles is to perform a series of pulling exercises. Want to know more about them? The read on! As most people know, the back is a complicated maze of interconnected muscles. Developing muscles in the back, thus, entails a carefully curated set of workouts with a good variety of exercises to target each muscle group in the back. It is not just about lifting heavy weights or doing push up after push up. While these exercises do help, they alone will not give your back the definition you are looking for. Not only that, but having a well developed back and muscles can also help to avoid or reduce pain in the neck, shoulders and back, which at some point in their life most people will suffer from. For some these types of pain will be a one time episode but for other it an become chronic. Thus, learning how to manage that pain through exercise is essential. Let us concentrate on the Inverted Row Benefits. As was mentioned before, pulling exercises is one of the best ways of developing the many muscles in the back. Essentially, there are two types of pulling exercises. Either vertical pull or horizontal pull exercises.

Vertical pull exercises entail, as the name implies, a vertical movement where the arms pull the body weight (or additional weights, if your particular fitness level allows for it. Examples of these types of exercises are the famous chin ups and pull ups. These vertical pull exercises tend to focus more on the shoulders. On the other hand, horizontal pull exercises involve a horizontal movement of the body where the arms pull the body weight. An example of horizontal pull movements is the inverted row. This type of horizontal pull exercises focus more on the upper back. One of the main inverted row benefits is that it can be tailored to every individual fitness level, unlike chin ups and pull ups which can only be modified a little bit like adding a chair or having another person help you lift yourself up. As such, inverted rows are suitable for anyone healthy enough to work out.


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