Publishing a book is never really easy. Even though recently people are using Self-publishing methods, but still the procedure hasn’t really become that easy. The procedure is pretty same. You will need to find a proper publisher first. Then you need to check whether you have made the right choice or not.


To make the right choice you need to first know on what criteria you can choose a publisher. Your book is your dream and should be treated as a valuable thing. But in case you find out that the publisher that you appointed does not pose that much of respect, you might not be choosing him as your publisher.



Royalty is the amount of money given by the publishers to writers. In this case, you can certainly stick to your choice of percentage and eventually you will be able get that amount of royalty bonus for sure.


The next thing will be to have total control of the book. While publishing a book in traditional way the publisher always tend to choose your cover page, editing, etc, but in this case you can certainly have more control and put your choice ahead of the publisher’s.


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