Many children suffer at some point from speech or communication problems. If you think that your child might be having difficulties with their communication, you may consider consulting a speech therapist to assess them and develop a plan to address and overcome any issues.  Speech therapy is not just concerned with correct pronunciation but to help with a range of communication problems such as language delays, difficulties communicating socially, voice difficulties or even cognitive impairment. To avoid speech and language difficulties having a negative impact upon a child’s personal development and education it is recommended to seek out the Best Speech Therapist in Orange County that you can find.  Avid Speech Therapy is passionate about creating individual bespoke therapy solutions in order to meet every client’s individual requirements and provide the best possible level of care. Their owners Narissa Ventress, M.A., CCC-SLP is extremely well qualified and has extensive practical experience as well as a passion and knowledge for all the latest research.



Avid Speech Therapy offers a free consultation in order to discuss your requirements and find the right treatment plan. Their list of services also includes education and consultancy along with individual and group therapy sessions. If you want to learn more about the Orange County Speech Services offered by Avid Speech Therapy you can find further information easily by going to their website. There is a full description of their services and areas of expertise along with details of pricing and insurance and their contact details.