Mini Quad Bikes or Kids Dirt Bikes are a wonderful way for children and young adults to get out and explore the countryside, traverse rough train and follow off-road tracks. An affordable introduction to motors sports, they are driven like a motorcycle, but with four wheels for better stability and handling, making them easier for younger kids to drive.



For recreational use on private land, no driving licence is needed meaning children as young as ten years old can have fun travelling about conquering natural outdoor obstacles. ATV models designed specifically for kids address many of the safety concerns that parents might have, with lower powered engines or speed limiters installed, easy to control brakes and safety cut out features. Still, the correct instruction and precautions should be taken in order to cut down the risks of collision, upset or upturn. Respect of the vehicle and their own driving limitations should be instilled in kids, along with the need to wear the proper safety gear, especially a crash helmet, at all times.


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