When you think of a Car Simulator, is the first image that pops into your mind of a gamer, racing-car setup up with a bank of monitors, fake steering wheel and flashing buttons in an arcade or theme park? For many people this is there only experience of driving simulation software, but the latest developments in the industry have created much more realistic and useful software. For example, the driving simulators designed and created by Carnetsoft are incredibly refined, allowing for a driving experience so closely aligned with the real thing that is possible in fact to get a complete driver’s education through their virtual driving courses. They even can distinguish between driving in different countries, so whether you are learning to drive in Europe, North America, Australia or Asia, the software will be tailored to your local driving rules, roads and vehicle set up.


The ability to programme exact scenarios into the software also gives rise to a vast number of clinical applications. Situations or tests that would otherwise be unethical, hazardous, or just difficult to control and repeat, can be carried out with ease in a virtual environment. This allows for treatment of driving phobia, monitoring pharmacological effects or testing for neurological degeneration.


To learn more about Carnetsoft driver simulator offerings you can contact them via their website and they will be pleased to answer any questions and work with you to create a virtual environment and driving simulation to fit your needs.