Carnetsoft Driving Simulators offers the most advanced Driving Simulator for Training and Research for universities, scientists and analysts. Their driving software is fully programmable in order to allow you to run completely customized experiments designed to your exact specifications. You can have full control over the virtual environment created by the software allowing you to manage every variable and test virtually any scientific hypothesis. Some examples of studies which have been conducted using driving simulator software include; studies to measure the affect on driving of drowsiness and fatigue, the effects of distraction or social influences (peer pressure) effects of alcohol or other pharmacological agents. As well as designing research scenarios the software will collect data and feedback from the users and can provide full reporting and data analysis.


Using virtual software allows you to expand the boundaries of experiment design and even set up dilemmas which would otherwise be unethical in the real world. It is also extremely cost effective. The fields of experimental psychology, social psychology, clinical psychology and pharmacology can all be studied with one piece of software at an affordable price. Car Driving Simulation software can even be used to test out road layout proposals by creating a virtual rendering of a new road network in order to assess traffic flow and ‘driveability’.



Learn more about how Carnetsoft Driving Simulator can be used in your driving research project by visiting the website and find more information on the capabilities of their driving simulators and view video demonstrations.