EDDM printing is a viable solution for the advertising needs of businesses and brands, but particularly for small business or startups strapped for money. This is because EDDM is an effective, yet inexpensive way of reaching potential new customers. With EDDM, or Every Door Direct Mail, businesses and brands identify their preferred zip codes or mail carrier routes and mail them an advertising postcard. In our day and age of media overexposure, it becomes more important than ever to remain in the hearts and minds of customers, as more and more businesses fight for the attention and patronage of the same consumers. This makes it an uphill battle for smaller companies competing against larger, more established ones because the latter have more means and resources to become ever present, while the former are often left wondering what to do to get their brand in the minds of people. Cheap EDDM printing is an ideal solution, and with the expert help of 55printing it becomes even easier. They offer their online printing services for all kinds of personal and business needs. In particular, their EDDM printing packages take all the stress away from setting up a targeted advertising campaign.


Normally, an EDDM campaign requires a few time consuming tasks from the business owner, such as designing their postcard, choosing a size that fulfills the mailing requirements set up by USPS, bundling the postcards according to the specifications of the mail carrier, and getting it ready for distribution. While not necessarily expensive in terms of money, in terms of time it can become very costly and since time is money, even an EDDM campaign can be difficult to put together for very busy business owners. Fortunately, 55 Printing is able to offer a well-rounded selection of services for EDDM targeted advertising campaigns. Instead of having to design your postcard from scratch, you can choose to use one of their templates or use their free online design studio to save time and frustration if you are not very experienced with design. However, it is still possible to upload your own design if you so choose to do it. This keeps you in control of your EDDM campaign, while providing guidance whenever it is needed. Also, you are able to choose the type of paper to be used, from matte to glossy or dull finish, as well as the size of your postcard, depending on the look you like the most. Also worth mentioning, 55 printing also provides fast turnaround times and free design proofs as well as free printing product samples so you can be sure your postcard will look just like you want it to look.



Visit their website for additional information on their cheap EDDM printing packages and additional services, such as business cards, flyers, brochures, car door magnets and banners of all sizes and for all purposes. Their unparalleled quality and bottom prices, together with amazing customer service and expertise will convince you and make you a customer for life.