In the digital age, global communications are a necessity for a modern thriving business. Customers, clients and employees can be spread all over the work, and whilst this provides for exciting opportunities and exponential growth it also presents a challenge in who to best communicate and connect everyone together, overcoming geographical differences and language barriers. The answer is of course to make use of the information superhighway, IP calling, e-mails and online chat can be overcome many obstacles, but the ideal solution is to integrate these with your physical telephone networks and customer service telephone numbers.



This is a where PBX (private branch exchange) systems, Conmutadores switches and virtual telecommunications technologies come in. With a cloud-based service you can interconnect each and every avenue of your business, including field agents, branch offices, overseas offices, home-working employees and mobile devices including tablets. The beauty of a cloud-based system is the exchange is based on the internet and does rely on physical cabling linking your various locations, this allows employees across different continents even to connect with each other as if they were calling an extension within the same office building – with no connecting or minute-based call charges whatsoever. You can also choose to use a single telephone number to route all international calls through or present a more localised presence in each of the communities that you serve with local numbers for countries or even specific to a certain city able to be connected into the companies’ telephone network.


As well as advanced features such as conference calling and online management of your telephone network (the beauty of a virtual system is that is extremely flexible and with the touch of a button you can add or remove users, telephone numbers and edit your PBX greeting and automated operator function) virtual PBX systems also let you add a customised greeting for callers. This is usually in the form of a pre-recorded voice message and directions to use the telephone keypad for automated routing of your call, or for a speedy and direct connection an extension number can be inputted to divert the call directly to a user wherever on the network they can be found.


Although a necessity for a modern expanding business of the digital age, virtual switch systems don’t have to cost enough, and in fact are cost-effective when you consider the benefits in productivity and communication for both your employees and customer base. Creating a virtual system held in the ‘cloud’ also means you can outsource the hosting and management of your virtual telephone network meaning you can find expertise for an affordable price.


An example of this is Cloud Call Services, they are located in Mexico but provide global expertise and all the latest technological features of next-gen switches and virtual switches. For more information visit their easy to use website at Cloud Call. It’s easy to get in touch with them, obtain a quote or even chat live with one of their helpful staff.