Do you love computer games? Do you like those games with higher graphics and advanced gameplay or you do you still like the ones with basic controls? If you are someone who still has the craze for the simplicity, then CN Arabia might be perfect for you. This is not only a gaming website that has a huge collection of free games; the main highlight of this website is that they provide cartoon based games.


If you are a 90’s kid, you must know the craze of cartoons and cartoon network. Well, with their vast collection of games from different genres, they surely can attract any gamer who loves to play computer games. All the games include cartoon characters from the cartoon network and most of the games follow the stories of the super heroes. As a gamer, you get to be your childhood super hero.


The gameplay is actually pretty simple to understand. All you need to do is be a super hero and follow the game story to reach the goal of the game. Whether you are playing a racing game, or a sports oriented game, you can certainly enjoy your time while you are on the website. All you have to arrange is a PC and an internet connection to get going. When you are ready with the arrangements, you can log on to the CN Arabia websitefind your favorite type of game, choose the character that you loved the most and start playing the games today!