If you are wanting to dip your toe into the world of cryptocurrency, you could register with one of the main cryptocurrency exchanges, deposit some fiat money (i.e. euros, dollars, pounds etc) and use this money to buy and sell any number of cryptocurrencies. You can choose to hold onto your currency in the hope of continued future growth, or cash out your investment at any time.



If you feel like you have missed the boat with the well-known coins, one way invest in the newest coins is through ICOs you find on the ICO List on our site. These give anyone the chance to contribute to a new coin project – raising money essentially by crowdfunding to cover costs such as exchange support, development costs and advertising – in exchange for a token coin. Once the currency has launched the coins value is at the whims of the market, and the hope is that the value of the funds raised can create something with a much greater total value, giving a healthy profit on every coin held.


One of the best kept lists for up-to-date info with a calendar of upcoming and live ICOs, as well as research and insight behind the projects, can be found at Coin Market Plus. They conduct detailed research, investigating an ICO teams background, analyzing whitepapers, evaluating the coin supply and market cap in order to and calculate unit prices and give their unique ICO rating to every project – bringing you all the relevant information needed to make informed decisions together in one place.