When Bitcoins were initially introduced, it instantly became a prime topic in the world of cryptocurrency. It was considered as the ‘anonymous cryptocurrency’ until people started to learn more about it. It was mainly considered anonymous because of your transaction address was in random alphabetic order rather than having your real name on it. That necessarily doesn’t make it is anonymous, because let’s suppose if you’re running a charity campaign and you have set up an online page where you are asking donations from people on a certain bitcoin address. Every transaction that has been made on that bitcoin address is now on display for whole world to see. People can not only see, how much and to whom you have made the transaction but how many bitcoins do you have on that certain bitcoin address. It is because every transaction you make using bitcoins will be automatically saved in the Blockchain, and from where anyone can have access to that information. When using bitcoins, you have to take so many risks like the person you’re sending bitcoins is not running an illegal operation. Government and other security agencies have their well-funded departments where they snoop around people’s finances to make sure nothing illegal is happening. What if you don’t want the government to see your transactions or you don’t want anyone to look in your finances? Well, bitcoins is not the right choice if anonymity is your prime goal. This is why DeepOnion is introducing a new solution to solve the anonymity problems by introducing untraceable cryptocurrency known as DeepOnion.

DeepOnion has gained a notable reputation on the TOR network for being successful in providing people with completely anonymous cryptocurrency. Not only the DeepOnion is considered as a new fling for the investors but every transaction made with DeepOnion is completely anonymous. The main reason DeepOnion began to grow a good reputation because of their key feature known as DeepVault. DeepVault is the ultimate key for keeping your documents safe and secured. Keeping your document in the DeepVault is the same as putting them in an iron chest and putting it in the middle of Sahara Desert. Any information stored in DeepVault will end up in the core of blockchain, where it will cease to exist until the end of internet. DeepOnion have always been active when listening to the public demand, that’s why they have introduced a latest tool known as DeepSend. By using DeepSend you can send and receive DeepOnions without giving any information about the sender and the receiver. Although, it is a new tool therefore, they are still testing out by using different tools. DeepSend has also been reviewed by the expert cryptographers and they have labeled it as the ultimate tool for anonymous transactions. If you want to learn more about DeepOnion, you can always send them a message on their website. If you wish to buy DeepOnion then you can head on to the front page and click on ‘Cryptopia’ it will refer you to the trusted DeepOnion retailer.