Being tired of daily life schedule is really a common thing. But to make sure you stay on your course of daily life schedule, it’s important to have peace in mind. But more often than not, we feel like run away from our lives and find ourselves a place of serenity where no one will bother us. If this is your case, then it is obvious that you need a time out of your busy schedule and find a place of solitude.


So, where do you think you should go? Well, if you haven’t planned anything yet, you can certainly think about a place known as Ayurmana. This is technically a hospital but it’s unlike any other hospital where you will have o go through loads of tests and medication. This is a place where the doctors believe in Ayurvedic treatment and they strive to find the right formulation to cure and heal people.


The overall facility at Dharmagiri is located amidst the hilly range of Thiruvananthapuram. The facility here has a road that leads to the Dharmagiri. The place is as known to be as the sacred grove. You can choose to sit there to enjoy the gentle breeze, indulge in some yoga poses or just meditate under the trees. This place also has a wonderful herbal garden that has all the herbs and shrubs used for the Ayurvedic treatment and the walkway is the best place to be. The chirping sound of the birds, the light of setting sun, gentle breeze, you get everything that you can ask for. Truly this is the place where you can hope to rediscover yourself.