Are you planning to learn driving? Well then, you must make a choice between automatic and manual driving lessons before you enroll yourself at a Driving School Leicester. If you aren’t sure what it is all about, then here is some useful information for you. Automatic lessons are for those who are willing to drive automatic vehicles and thus, do not want to take up the hassles of learning manual car driving. On the other hand, manual driving lessons are ideal for those who want to drive manual cars.


Each type of driving has its own advantages and shortcomings and these must be considered well before you start your lessons. Automatically driven cars have no gears and thus, the driver needs to concentrate only on the two pedals. This allows the driver to pay more attention to road conditions, traffic, etc. Moreover, automatically driven cars are ideal for those who have physical or cognitive impairments. However, automatic car drivers can never drive manual cars without passing the driving test all over again. Not only that, manual drivers happen to be much better drivers than those who drive automatic vehicles.


If you feel that automatic driving is the best solution for you and you do not want to venture into manual driving, then you can easily opt for automatic driving lessons offered at Dr1ve School. It is a reputed driving school that aims to guide anyone willing to learn driving or enhance their driving skills. So, join today and drive the car you love the most!