If you are looking for a Glendora dentist, look no further than EccoDental, an eco-conscious, holistic provider of a wide range of dental services, from fillings, root canals and more, to aesthetic orthodontics treatments using the latest in technology. Choose from traditional braces to invisible braces, everything uses only non-toxic materials to protect your health. Their services are available for both children and grownups. Their philosophy is to provide a pleasant, gentle experience, with as little pain and discomfort as possible.

Since they offer complete family dental services, it is important for them to use only the safest materials. Traditionally, metallic components were in teeth fillings that often contained mercury, a poisonous metal that threatens human health. Because EccoDental is aware of this danger, they have chosen to only do their teeth fillings with non-metallic, non-toxic resins that, in addition to being less harmful, are also more aesthetically pleasing, since their color closely matches the color of natural teeth. All of their additional services follow this same guideline because their purpose it to preserve the integrity and functionality of the smiles in their patients, as well as to help conserve the environment by using less harmful materials for the planet, as well as for the patient.

Please visit their website today at http://eccodentaloffice.com/ for more information on the services they provide, as well as to contact them and send a request for further information. Better yet, give them a call or visit them at their office. They will be happy to see you there.