Running a big organization? Do you use Exchange Server Mailboxes? Thinking about how you are going to retrieve your data in case there is a server crash or other server related issues. Well, first you need to know what files that you are trying to recover.  The second part will be to gather info on how you can do the recovery. First things first! Well, whenever there is a server crash or some problem with the server, data stored in .edb files become inaccessible. Although they are inaccessible but to make sure you retrieve the data you will have to read them. This is time when you can get to know about .pst files. You can use a software to read the pst files to get your data and there are ways through which you can convert your .edb files to .pst files.



To make sure the conversion of EDB to PST is done safely you need to use 3rd party software. As the experts would suggest, do not try to change the files manually. This might save some money definitely there will be chances of getting your data lost. The conversion softwares are developed in such a way that the data store in those .edb files are not really lost and you will be able to first retrieve and then read them as and when you are required.


If you are looking for software that will allow you this type of conversion then there might be no other option but to use EDB Mails. They are the best and you should be able to convert retrieve your data completely without any issues at all. So, instead wasting much time, start trial of their software today and see the benefits that you can get.