If you want to build lean muscle and have a model like physique then you need to find the right combination of cardio exercise, think jogging, swimming, cycling and some form of weight training. Most people will automatically assume that to build an Adonis-like body you will need to belong to an expensive gym and have access to a whole host of weight lifting machines, but some of the best exercises for building muscles and core strength use only free weights. You can find these at your local gym but for less than the price of one month’s membership you could instead buy your own set of dumbbells and work out at home at your own convenience. Especially nowadays when there are heaps of personal trainers on Instagram and YouTube and workout videos available freely online, it’s far more convenient and personal to work out in your own space.


The reason free-weight training is so beneficial is that, unlike using barbells or weight machines, even when you are working out your legs or arms your body has to use its stabilizing muscles to support and balance your frame – giving you a more complete workout and ensuring a strong core. Of course, a strong core is the foundation of a healthy posture making you stand tall and look slimmer and is also key to preventing any future problems with back or pelvis pain. Strength training is also a key component of many famous fitness programs including CrossFit, Tabara and HIIT, the reason being that scientific research has shown the combining short periods of strength training with cardio work outs is mutually beneficial. You will also want to ensure good nutrition, including plenty of protein, lots of water and if possible at least 8 hours sleep a night to keep in peak condition.



If you need to save money then you can find the Cheapest Dumbbells available to purchase online, with a single neoprene weight available to purchase for less than $10. Neoprene weights and also those made from vinyl are the cheapest available dumbbells and, provided you buy a quality-made set, are perfectly acceptable for most weight-lifting uses. The only drawback is that they don’t go up to the higher weights and are not completely durable – you may not want to drop these from a height too many times. If you need something a little more robust but still within a tight budget, then a high-quality rubber-encased dumbbell would suit your needs. Look for dumbbells which feature a durable and comfortable handle, avoid any with a foam cover as this can deteriorate quickly with use and spoil the dumbbell. Hex shaped dumbbells are favorable if you want to plant your dumbbell and they are more practical, but some people prefer the round ends as they look professional


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