Did you know that even on a tiny budget you can buy a comfortable bed that can also double as additional sitting space, and still look great with the rest of your decoration? That is right! Futons can be a comfortable, durable, and stylish alternative to furnish your home without breaking the bank.

Most people still believe that futons are terrible to sleep in, and only an option they would consider when budget constraints are tight. But this is only true if people have slept in one of those futons bought at mega retail stores that sell everything from toilet paper to clothes to futons at bottom prices. These stores are not specialized in futons for sale. No wonder the quality of these futons is so terrible! They are indeed not durable and uncomfortable. Definitely not a wise investment and more like a waste of money.

Futons today can be comfortable, durable, stylish and low priced, but only if you know what to look for. While price is a deciding factor, it should not be the most important factor. Instead, in your selection process think first of comfort and quality. In terms of comfort, this depends largely on the futon mattress. Look for soft, yet firm materials. Futon mattresses come in various types of materials, from cotton to foam. Let your own comfort needs be your guide. As for quality, this depends on the futon frame as well as the type of fabric used. Make sure that the wood and metal used are in good condition.