Are you a fan of interesting cultural clothing and jewelry? Do you like home decor that is from cultural diverse countries? Do you ever wonder how these products are made? Do you wonder how the manufacturer’s employees are treated?


We at Fair Trade Home Decor did too. So we investigated. What we found was frightening. Workers were in deplorable, unsafe working conditions, were not getting paid on a timely or adequate basis, and even worse, children were being trafficked and forced into labor. People could not afford the basic necessities of life: nutritious food, housing, healthcare, education and community development. So we created a movement to provide farmers and working communities with the means to sustain and support their future development. We made a fair Trade mark which could only be displayed on products that were manufactured by employees that had safe working conditions and that were getting paid promptly and fairly. We took a tough stance on child trafficking and labor exploitation. We required environmental stewardship by reusing, recycling, reducing and reclaiming products.



When you purchase the beautiful, hand crafted products at Fair Trade Home Decor you can rest assured that the worker or farmer who made the product is working in safe conditions and is being paid promptly and fairly. You can be proud that you helped a worker or farmer to sustain a healthy lifestyle free from exploitation. You have contributed to sustaining development of a developing country. You have provided nutritious food, good living conditions, education, healthcare and community development. At Fair Trade Fusion, we offer jewelry, clothing home decor and more! Further we offer free shipping on orders over $60.00. Help support and sustain development and the eradication of poverty and exploitation. Help stop child trafficking and labor exploitation. Help sustain the environment. Help make the comforts of our own work environments become a reality for those in developing countries who have suffered for too long. Purchase the products marked with the Fair Trade mark and display and use them proudly in your home.  We hope you share our passion for this incredible movement and witness the service you will provide to those who do not enjoy the rights that we do.