Do you wear jewelry? Do you also try to conserve resources as much as possible, and try to use products that are friendly and safe for the ecosystem as well as animals? If you answered yes to these questions, then you would be interested in the line of Eco Friendly Jewelry that is available from an online retailer. This jewelry is made from recycled materials and products that are safe for the environment. Some of the materials used include bronze, copper, gold, hemp leather, organic cotton, silver, turquoise, vegetable leather and volcanic rock.

They have several styles available for men and women. Men can choose from a variety of bracelets including hemp and vegetable leather. Women have many bracelet and necklace selections, including Native American Owl themed jewelry and colorful volcanic rock jewelry. Another benefit to volcanic rock is that you can add a couple of drops of essential oils and the fragrance from the oils will last all day. They also have a line of healing totem jewelry for both men and women including Tibetan luck knot rope bracelets and more. This healing jewelry is known to help mental, physical and spiritual health.

All the merchandise sold by this retailer is animal friendly as well, meaning that the products are not made from or tested on animals. Many of the jewelry items are animal themed, to observe the beauty of animals and respect their right to live freely. If you love animals, the environment and jewelry then check out the Fiheroe website today!