Dean Myerow has just recently launched an all new website dedicated to an amazing relatively new breed of dogs, the Goldendoodle. If you have not heard about this cross breed type of dogs before, allow us to make a brief introduction about it. Goldendoodles are, as the name implies, a product of crossing a golden retriever dog with a poodle, resulting in a beautiful golden coated dog with the lovely coat of a poodle and the physical characteristics and look of both breeds. It is quite a stunning breed that is perfect for families, due to the mellow nature of both breeds.



Goldendoodles make great family dogs and are suitable for families with children. In addition to this, they do not shed, which can be an advantage if you are not looking forward to having your furniture, clothes, and floors covered in dog hair. They are perfect to play with kids, as they tend to be goofy and playful by nature. They also tend to seek companionship, but also need a good dose of daily exercise, like all dogs.


Find out more about golden doodle dogs at the following website, dedicated to informing the public about these great dogs: Find a Golden Doodle This is the newly launched website by Dean Myerow  we were referring to in the introduction. Here you will be able to find very informative articles about everything that has to do about informing the public about Goldendoodle dogs, from resources to find goldendoodles available for adoption, to specifics on their breed.