HALCYON Innovation has been in the app and website development industry for over a decade. Their services for app development in Los Angeles and Santa Monica are unparalleled in the industry and tailored for the needs of each individual client. From startups to small, medium, or large businesses, they can handle any app project. The app development packages they offered are designed with the needs of their customers in mind. They come in three different offerings. All of them are very complete and only differ in the amount of work required to get an app up and running, although the infrastructure of each package is the same. All of their packages include four components: Legal, design, development, and social media. Their legal service revolves around Limited liability company formation. Their design and development components entail a combination of work between aesthetics, personalization, and making your app to run smoothly. Lastly, even for the best-designed app, a social media campaign is important to get it publicized and available to a wide audience. Not all app developers offer this type of diversified and complete services.

Their packages are available for both iOS and android app development. The small app package is more suitable for startups and small businesses, with its perfect combination of design and development hours, as well as a two month social media campaign on facebook and twitter. For more established companies, either the medium or large app package would be ideal. The medium package includes from 20 to 50 hours for the design phase of the app and 100 to 250 development hour, as well a three month social media campaign. The large app package contains over 75 design hours and more than 500 hours for development and an extensive social media campaign over six months in duration. As mentioned before, all the packages include also LLC formation, with the added patent search and trademark filing for the large app package. All their packages can be tailored for the specific needs of each customer and prices within a reasonable range for the quality of services provided.

Most businesses today would benefit from improving their business model to make it more widely accessible, according to the trends in technology. As mobile phones and social media become more widely used, traditional ways of conducting business are rapidly becoming obsolete. A clear way to keep up with these changes is to create an app for your business and Halcyon innovation provides complete app development services for all types of businesses. How can you tell that they are true professionals? There are some guidelines to follow. First, consider their portfolio o past work. Not only that but try the apps they have developed by yourself. This will give you a good idea of their design and development capabilities. Another consideration is their communication with the client. A good app development provider should establish a clear development plan, including a timeline and a post-support timeframe. Lastly, do not forget to consider price.