Finding exemplary role models to follow in the field of business can be hard to find, but it is an essential part of carving a path and a successful career in business for any newcomer or even a professional with several years of experience in the field. Particularly now, after one of the biggest and most dangerous economic crisis our modern economy has gone through, the business world has become ever more competitive and difficult to navigate, so finding a good role model to follow, either for motivation or as guidance in working out the intricacies of the business world is always advisable. No other business man is as worthy of being followed as a role model as Jack Simony. With decades of experience as a businessman and a successful negotiator, Mr. Simony is world renowned for his deal making skills and his capacity to create value for his clients.


Jack Simony serves as chairman of the board at the negotiation institute. The negotiation institute has, since 1966, been offering seminars geared toward training both seasoned and novel business people and providing valuable and practical knowledge for better negotiation skills. The mission of the negotiation institute is to  create leaders in business, with a vision to optimize their organizations and become collaborative coordinators of their teams.


Mr. Simony is also a avid advocate of many worthy causes, especially human rights. He has served for three years as representative to the United Nations with the human Rights advocates international non profit organization.