The menopause stage in a woman’s life is one of the toughest phases ever. This is the time that the body goes through a drastic change. The formation of estrogens and progesterone decreases at a high rate thereby making an end to the menstrual cycle. This further leads to decreased sexual desires and energy to have sex. The symptoms of menopause are different for different people. They vary. Some go through anxiety, stress, and lack of sleep, hot flush and night sweats. Some physical changes include vaginal dryness, itching, and reddening of the face.



The most disturbing symptom is hot flush. Hot flush makes the upper part of the body radiate an excess amount of heat thereby leading to excess sweat, redness, fast, and breathing problem. So to deal with this hot flush researches have invented an amazing product named Menorhythym. They come in capsule forms. Each capsule contains special ingredients from dried cherries, berries, and soya bean. Menorhythym is of the best Menopause treatment capsule that helps to fight with a hot flush.



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