Tapes are mainly of 2 types elastic and non-elastic. Each of them is made of nylon and polyester fabrics that are unbreakable and strong. The fabric is so reliable and strong that they are used in several sectors. In the clothing industry, the tapes the non-Elastic Tapes are used as a decorative fabric and the Elastic Tape are used in straps and belts. In the medical industry mostly the elastic ones are used to prevent misbalance of some broken bones or tissues, whereas in sports like rock climbing, trekking, and speed boating the non-elastic ones are used as a harness or for pulling heavy items.


According to the use of the tapes the sized, designs and colors vary. For example, if it’s used as a decorative item the tapes are made of different patterns and colors. In the cushions and beddings, the borders that are used are actually made of these nylon fabrics. It’s not that every company selling and manufacturing such tapes uses the best quality fabrics. Some are even trash.


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