Bedtime stories are something that everyone gets attracted. For some people, it’s like taking medicine after dinner for a better sleep. It helps you to cultivate your mind and imagination and gives a better imagination power. Rather than surfing stuffs on the internet at night, it’s better to read stories. The stories give you inspiration and knowledge. Reading also enhances your skill to write. Reading is an inspiration for many writers. Reading a book daily is obviously effective, but these days’ people hardly get time to buy or search for books at stores. Plus there is also a problem of arranging those books properly in your home.


So people have come with a better deal to avoid such problems. Today short stories are available online. These are not the general old classy stories, but stories that have a modern touch to it. Something that you can relate to your daily lifestyle. This includes Moral Stories, romantic stories, and thriller and so on. So a variation is available in front of you. One can read them anytime, anywhere he/she wants to.


Though there are several websites available online, not that each of them are genuine. Some might even ask you for payment to subscribe and at the end of the day posts boring or cliché stuffs. Lok Hindi is one of the most trusted websites for short stories. They provide daily updates and posts high-quality content. The stories are written by various professional writers who are the best at their job. So no more visiting random websites online! Visit now!