If you live in Madera CA, or in Madera County or a surrounding area such as Chowchilla, then perhaps you have heard about the Madera Values Quarterly. This is a magazine that is mailed out quarterly, or in the spring, summer, fall and winter of each year. It features advertisements for local businesses in the area. Most of these businesses are independently owned. Furthermore, the magazine features special discounts and coupons for these businesses, encouraging residents of the area to shop locally and support these businesses.


After years of planning and trying out different strategies, the team who created this magazine picked what they felt were the best postal routes in the area. These routes are the ones who receive the magazine. It is delivered to over 27,000 homes. To reach even more people, 2,000 copies are also placed at businesses in and around the area. The magazine has been mailed out to the Madera area for almost ten years and continues to bring in new customers for local businesses.


The magazine is in full color from front to back and was designed by a graphic artist. Many of the businesses who use the magazine to advertise have been using it for five years or more. Most business owners in the area agree that this is a low-cost, effective way to draw in customers. Many even say that what they paid for advertisement is reimbursed after only one or two customers redeem coupons or take advantage of the discount offered. You can find out more about the Madera Values Quarterly by visiting their website.