Public Relations combines the art and science of shaping public opinion, strategic thinking, crisis management and communications with managing clients’ expectations. Typically, a public relations professional will utilise their media, and fixer contacts in order to help their clients whether they need to shut down an embarrassing story, clean up their online footprint or improve their brand awareness and reputation. Celebrities famously use PR agents to trade a promotional interview with a sympathetic reporter against keeping more salacious or embarrassing details that would be damaging to their brand persona out of the press. It is reported Government Agencies spend billions of dollars a year on public relations and advertising, treading a fine line between spread positive public message and promoting propaganda.



Weaving together problem solving, trend insight, foresight, and media contacts PR agents use their tools of press releases, interviews, communication campaigns, social media posts in conjunction with branding and advertising campaigns to shape society opinion and reach the audience the client needs with a calculated message to endear their brand.


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