When we talk about Meditation, most people think of yoga, but meditation does not come in one form, it is subdivided into many forms, just like exercise, when we talk about exercise, we don’t think about one thing, it can be a great number of things, such as running, boxing, tennis or whatever. Similarly, when we talk about meditation here, we are talking about the ‘Mindfulness’. We are so consumed in the daily hustle and bustle of our lives that we tend to forget about treating ourselves, we don’t treat ourselves good. We constantly over analyze every small detail, starts worrying about future, and making bad decision.


Stress is considered to be the biggest killer in our day and age, stress can be caused by many things such increase in workload or social problems you might be facing. No matter the reason might be, stress is never good, it can increase the level of glucocorticoids, which eventually leads to high blood pressure. If you want to be both mentally and physically healthy, it is advised that you should considered meditating 30 minutes every day, you will notice the drastic changes it will cause in your life. Whenever you think you are stressed out over small things, you will quickly think that ‘I’m just overthinking again’. Meditation is considered to be the most vital for one to have; it can help you in many ways. If you want to learn more about meditation and how it works, you should check out Meditation Baby.