Hijab, Niqab, Khimar, Burqa, Jilbab, Abaya and Chador are all types of Muslim, or Islamic Compliant dress which are traditionally worn by women in order to cover parts or all of their hair, head, chest and body in order to protect their modesty and beauty. Islamic religious doctrine, originating from the 6th century, dictated that women should be protective of their beauty and flesh – especially their bosoms – and should keep them covered at all times. Only their husbands or related male family members should be permitted to look upon them. Despite patriarchal views beginning to be broken down in the 21st century, dressing modestly and covering your head or face is still popular amongst women, either due to cultural or societal pressures, because they prefer traditional dress and observe religious rulings, or simply that they feel more comfortable, even free in such costume.


A quick overview of how the distinct types of head coverings work here follows. First the ‘Hijab’ is a generic term for the act of covering up but also refers to any type of garment, more usually a headscarf but also veils or other type of cloth can be used, which is draped and secured in place around the head, neck and also being sure to cover any cleavage. A Khimar works in the same way as a Hijab but is a dedicated garment, formed to cover the head neck and loosely flow over the shoulders and upper body but with a tight-fitting face aperture which secures the garment on the head. The Niqab is another type of draped veil or garment but which gives more coverage of the facial features. Essentially the nose, mouth, chin and forehead are all obscured from view – leaving just the eye area on display. If even this eye area is to be concealed then a Burqa can be worn completely over the head for totally head to toe coverage, with just a small mesh panel over the eye area which allows the wearer to see out but does not allow any observers to see inside.


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