There was a time when you had to wait in line in order to pay for your items in the mall, now you can get the same stuff you want at the comfort of your home. It is no doubt that the internet has changed our lives in drastic ways, now you can buy pretty much anything you want without taking the time off your busy schedule. Most people are already familiar with the word ‘internet’ but very few people actually know how the internet works.


If you were to describe the purpose your IP address (Internet Protocol), how would you do it? You can find out your current IP address by using free services of My-IP and other websites. Anyway, whenever you are using the internet, you are accessing a certain website via certain address, where the information can flow back and forth without any interference, and that address is known as your IP address.


Your IP address is not something that comes with your device, it is something your ISP (internet service provider) allocates to you, so they can track all your activity on the internet, your IP address can change, depending on the network you’re using. For example, the network your office has and the network you are using at home will have different IP addresses. If you want to find out your current IP address for whatever reasons, then all you have to do is to My-IPs website and find that out for free.