Ever heard about Myles Elgaard? Do you know who his parents are? Well, Myles is one of the well-known Canadian actor. He was born on Feb 12, 1994 to Gina Elgaard and Ray Elgaard. Although he is known for his roles in the short films nowadays, but when he started his career, he wasn’t an actor. He actually started his career as a football player, much like his father. His father played in the Canadian Football league and was a well-known player of his time, but his son Myles joined the school team for only 4 seasons and then he quit football.



Soon after his schooling was over, he started studying Criminal Justice in the University of Nevada and soon he joined police force at Las Vegas. But even though he had an excellent reputation in the police force and earned “Commendable Action” award, after working for 2 years only he decided to drop out of the squad and join 1 Media Productions Acting Academy. According to him, he wasn’t really enjoying being a police officer.


Soon his talent was recognized, and he got the chance to star in the TV series and short films as well. Not only the audiences loved his acting, but also the directors are really hopeful about his glittering career ahead and of course everyone is waiting for the best to come. According to the director of his short films, Myles Elgaard is making great progress since he started working on these projects and the good thing is, he is serious about this.