To remove the high quotient of toxins present in our body, the best detoxification strategy would be to consume vegetables and fruits, fresh organic whole grains and high fiber foods along with enough quantity of water.  Caffeine, refined carbohydrates, fats, and sugars should be entirely eradicated from your diet.



However, adding a detox tea to a wholesome diet may benefit your body in many ways. This tea is rich in antioxidants and exclusively prepared to improve proper liver performance and support the other digestive organs that are responsible for detoxification.



Red Tea Detox is one of the best detoxifiers available in stores at the moment.  You need to sacrifice just 5 mins of your time each day and when you begin to see the results you will not regret it. It is cost effective as you can have it anywhere; in your home, office or a friend’s place and need not pay big money to go to a gym to get in shape.


A browse through Red Tea Detox Recipe will give you the entire details of the origins of this tea, its facts and benefits and every other thing you care to know about it.  There are five ingredients that make up the red tea and these are easily available at your neighborhood grocery store.  The taste is good and it can also be mixed with other concoctions like protein shakes.  Many people are using this specialized tea and finding it effective. It’s time you gave thought to your own health and well being.