Whether you love to cook and celebrate with food and family in your kitchen, or you are more the type to simply whack a ready meal in the oven, you will still find that everyone gravitates towards the kitchen as the central hub of the home. The Jona Lewie song of the 80’s summed it up “You will always find me in the kitchen at parties”. Therefore, the design and feel of your kitchen is central to your home. However, taking on an expensive, messy and inconvenient renovation is often one project that gets put back or ignored. If you would like to update your kitchen, or it is in desperate needs of some repairs, but the idea of a full renovation is overwhelming, why not consider resurfacing your kitchen countertops, tiles or sink. Similarly, if you are contemplating a Bathroom Remodelling then sinks, vanity units and tiling can be transformed rather than replaced.


With the latest techniques you can achieve a fresh modern stone-like countertop, that looks like new while saving thousands of pounds on the equivalent replacement worksurface. Resurfacing is also so much quicker and creates virtually no mess if carried out by a professional. Almost any worktop can be suitable for resurfacing, even if it is not in the best condition with chips, cracks, stains or scorching.


In order to resurface your worktop first the area must be prepared. To isolate the surfaces that will be treated, plastic sheeting and taping will be applied around the adjoining areas, with the effect of creating a spray tent within your kitchen. The worktop service is cleaned and sanded, and any chips or cracks are filled and smoothed. A bevelled or rounded worktop edge can also be created at this stage in order to mask an old fashioned squared-off or inferior quality laminate worktop. When all the preparatory work is completed, an epoxy primer is applied as a first coat. For the second coat the StoneFlecks formulation in your chosen colour and effect is sprayed over the epoxy primer. These two coats react together forming bonds to create a super-tough surface. Finally, a durable and glossy acrylic top coat is applied. Within a day or so the worksurface will be ready to use again. You might not even believe it is the same worksurface the transformation will be outstanding and with the non-porous durable top coat it will be resistant to stains and extremely easy to clean- meaning the countertop will stay looking great for years to come. A claim backed up by a 5-year warrantee.


For an economical and beautiful countertop renovation you can contact Renew Resurfacing and get in touch with either Jim or Candy Work, the husband and wife team behind this customer driven business. They offer free consultations, design and planning advice and strive for 100% satisfaction from every client. To learn more about how countertop resurfacing works, view their gallery of completed projects or get in touch via the web form, you visit their website at Renew Resurfacing.