Ronald Perelman is the definition of success in the business and investment world. But to become a successful deal maker as Mr. Perelman, one must look at the characteristics that made him so successful. In the case of Mr. Perelman, one must begin to search very early in his life, as he got his start in the business world as a very young child when his father, Mr. Raymond Perelman, would routinely take Ron to accompany him to the business meetings he had to attend. This experience must have left a considerable impression on the young Ron Perelman, so much so that he later decided to attend the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania, where he soon graduated with a degree in Business and, a little while later, obtained a Master’s Degree.


But even before Mr. Perelman was armed with this education, he had already managed to close on his first successful business buyout, all  while just a freshman at the Wharton Business School. On this occasion, Mr. Perelman acquired a brewery which he later sold just a year later for a profit in excess of one million dollars. From then on, Ronald Perelman has continued to amass a considerable and well diversified portfolio of investments, ranging from considerable stakes at Revlon, the beauty and cosmetics mammoth, to AM General, the producer of Humvees, and even a production house, and investments in the restaurant business. He is also a consummate philanthropist and patron of the arts, giving generously to worthy causes.