Instagram was the fastest growing social media site in 2017 with over 800 million monthly users at the last count (it’s likely to be far higher now). Best of all research shows that posts on Instagram can receive thousands more likes or comments than the equivalent post on Facebook or Twitter – and engaged followers are more likely to become customers.


Organic methods recommended to increase your number of followers include posting regularly, several times throughout the day if you are able to. Make sure though that your posts are relevant and engaging to your customer base, you don’t want to find users unfollowing you due to spammy or irrelevant content. Other methods involve reaching out to other users, liking posts and leaving comments. One guide suggests that for every 6 photos you like on the platform you will gain 1 new follower. Of course, this means that gaining the thousands of new followers you want will mean liking ten of thousands of pictures.


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