The definition of a data centre is a large group of computer servers connected to a computer network (such as the internet, although local networks can be used also) for remote storage, processing and distribution of wholesale digital information. A computer server is simply a computer which is specialised to store, move and process data and does not perform other functions such as personal computing etc. A data centre is usually on the scale of a large factory or office building. On a smaller scale it would just be referred to as a server room. Global-scale companies and large institutions will all have their own data centre to store and backup their data along with running their computer networks and software. Large-scale data servers are also used to provide cloud, virtual services to shared users, or home to individual dedicated servers – Servidor Dedicado – allowing smaller companies and individuals to have the benefits of their own data centre but without the overhead or required expertise.


Although technically you could use just about any computer as server – even a standard desktop PC as long as it was dedicated to this purpose and not also used for other tasks – a true computer server should be designed to handle demanding process tasks, a vast amount of data upload and download and be configured to ensure 100% reliability. A computer server needs to stay online at all times, day and night. It is also advisable to run a computer server in a different location than your primary business premises or computer hardware – the benefit of a remote site is that any backups are geographically independent of the original data or local data stores. So, if for example some reason all your computer hardware was lost (perhaps due to theft, fire or water damage) then you would still have your backup copy intact in order to restore your lost data.


Dedicated servers offer some advantages over cloud or virtual services, and although they can be more expensive they don’t have to be. If you choose carefully and ensure you are getting your server directly from the provider and not a reseller the cost doesn’t have to be prohibitive. With a faster performance, less chance of breakage or security breach and a unique IP address it offers much better value money and is a necessity for any business handling sensitive data or financial transactions.


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