Is your hair breaking off and damaged from years of color or treatment? Does it look dry and unhealthy and you feel like it needs some more life and volume? Do you have areas that are thinning out or even have bald spots? If any of these describe you, then Wild Growth Hair Growth Oil may be a good product for you to try. This oil conditions dead and broken hair and prevents further hair loss and damage. After consistent use, bald and thinning areas begin to fill in and hair becomes healthier and longer. According to the website, notable changes can take anywhere from four to six months to achieve. However, they also state that you should begin to see some change after two months. Some customers stated that it only took them two weeks to notice new growth.

This hair oil is one of many hair products available at a beauty mall online. This online shop also has beauty products. Featured products include hair wraps, salon quality hair color, clay masks, facial scrubs and essential oils. Most of the merchandise costs less than $20, and you can even get some things for as low as $0.99.

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