A picture-perfect backyard can be an essential aspect of leading a quality life. Silver Leaf is a company which assists each client in making sure that their aesthetic environment is as beautiful to look at as it is relaxing to be surrounded by. Landscape is categorized as an art. At its very core it is rearranging or modifying landscape features to fill some sort of aesthetic or practical need. At Silver leaf, this need is the drive the fuels high quality work that is achieved from every project. Landscape Contractor, Lindsey Zero, functions as the owner of the company and is more than willing to aid in his client’s visions.



Silver leaf offers an impressive number of services to assure that you experience with them is positive and successful in achieving your landscape goals. Silver leaf will aid in the logistics. As an experienced Landscape Designer, the company is with you during every step of the process. This ranges from budgeting and estimating for the projects needs to procuring proper documents or permits. In addition, Silver Leaf guarantees personalized guidance for all their clients through landscape improvement. If your project needs are not limited to that of design, then the services offered can be extended to include a multitude of construction services. As a certified Landscape Contractor, Lindsey Zero and the company can handle the heavy lifting of most projects. They provide stonework and masonry dealing with heavy boulders and flagstone. They also offer complete demolition, tree removal and hauling of pesky eyesores. They can provide complete irrigation system installation and all of this with a personalized careful touch. The work of Landscape Contracting requires a great deal of craftsmanship.


Lindsey Zero is apt to the challenge making sure that conceptual plans are prepared and that no tree or stone is out of place. A finished landscape will be a beautiful addition to the sunny California coast.


Silver leaf offers its incredible services to the greater Santa Barbara area. This includes the areas of Goleta, Ventura, Hope Ranch, and Montecito. It is a custom design/custom build operation functioning in all parts of the Landscape Design and Landscape Contracting process. They can work on small projects like backyard revisioning to complete reworking of entire landscapes. Getting started with their team is really putting your best foot forward in ensuring that your vision becomes a reality.