Have you heard about the latest home decoration trend?  If you have not, then allow us to briefly give you an introduction about Kilim Pillows. But before we dive in, let us begin first with  that mysterious  and exotic looking word, kilim. What is that? Well, kilim as you may have already guessed, is a word of Turkish origin. Specifically, it refers to a type of fabric usually woven with wool, although cotton can also be used to a lesser extent, and woven in a flat weave pattern. Kilim is typically used to make rugs, but pillows are also another popular item to make with kilim. Unlike more conventional rugs that are woven by threading individual strands and then tying all of them together in the back of the rig, kilim is made with a flat weave technique, which weaves together different strands of wool so that the end result is a flat fabric.  This flatweave technique has several variations, but the most popular one, due to its characteristics, almost forces the weaver to select complicated geometric patterns to ensure the structural soundness of the fabric and create a strong, almost indestructible textile. The end result is a striking Kilim Pillow that adds both color, texture, and character to any room. Plus, it can become a piece in your decoration that becomes something to talk about, due to the rich history and cultural heritage of these magnificent pillows. Just make sure you source your decorative pillows in this fabric from a reputable vendor  that gives you the freedom to choose from an ample selection, so that you can be absolutely happy with your purchase.



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