To help you make your decision for the best double stroller a little easier, we have compiled a list of different features to look out for in order to find your ideal double stroller. Before beginning, please note that not everybody’s choice of the best double stroller will be the same. This is a very personal decision where all that should matter is your and your children’s specific needs. This is why our guide is focused on main characteristics to look for in a double stroller.



As always, safety is first. Your ideal double stroller should feature durable wheels, preferably with double front wheels, for they provide the stroller with added stability, as is the case with the Joovy Scooter X2. Another safety consideration is to always be able to see your children to check on them visually, as well as to be able to reach them with ease. Lastly, make sure your chosen stroller has proper seat belts and brakes. Secondly, look for convenience. This entails selecting a double stroller that is easily managed. Check that it can hold both of your children comfortably, preferably that each seat can be reclined to allow for your children to sleep in the stroller. Make sure also that your double stroller is not too heavy or that it takes up too much space to put it away. Remember that you will be loading it and unloading it often, so choose a compact stroller! Lastly, see that it can get through doorways without difficulty.