The dream of building your own home is somewhat exciting and a little scary but with a trusted and expert home builder รับสร้างบ้าน’, such as Trendy Home by Landy Homes, the process of making a thousand decisions can be made a little easier. If it’s your ambition to create your own personalised home, brand new for your family the first steps begin with researching the latest home construction techniques. Once you have chosen between brick and block, timber frame, concrete formwork, steel-frame construction or prefab insulated panels you can look for a homebuilder with the expertise to bring your vision to life and in compliance with any building regulations or local planning rules.



Next think about the kind of space you want to live in; something regal with a grand foyer, high ceiling and an imperial staircase; a light flooded contemporary home with floor to ceiling windows and open-plan living; or a cosy home with space for all the family including dens, playrooms and a guest suite.


A further stage in the planning process is what types of technologies to incorporate into your new home. One of the many advantages of building your own home is that you can integrate and build into the fabric of the building, network and power cabling in order to future-proof your home. Many exciting gadgets are available such as smart lighting systems, video surveillance and security, multiroom music systems and smart hubs for controlling lights, heating and air or even door locks remotely. Don’t forget to add electric vehicle charging points to your garage to future proof your home. Advancements in eco-home technology are also cost-effective to consider – whether you simply want to put in place the best quality insulation and energy-efficient lighting or aim to supply your own energy needs with solar panels or even a reed-bed water filtration system.


The benefits of building your own home are endless, from the improved quality of life and health that comes from living in a modern purpose built home designed exactly for your family’s needs to the deep sense of fulfilment derived from that inner human nature to create shelter and provide a home. You can also feel good about creating a legacy and a building that will be enjoyed by generations to come and creating jobs and a boost to the economy during construction. Adding to the feel-good factor is the benefit that building your own home is also much better value for money than purchasing either off-plan home or pre-built homes. Modern construction methods and individual oversight also lead to a much better-quality build.


Whatever your home build dream looks like the most crucial factor is choosing a home builder with the expertise, experience and dedication to hear your vision and deliver. For home building in Thailand you should consider Trendy Home by Landy Homes with considerable home construction experience and an expert team of architects, designers and craftsman you will be in safe hands.