Studying abroad is a dream for many middle school and high school students, in particular for those studying another language. For French students, France student travel is typically their goal, and it is easy to see why. France is a beautiful country with great sights, an even more amazing culture and high quality of life. In short, studying abroad in France is a lot more than learning new knowledge.

VIE France has been providing and organizing assistance for study abroad in France programs for over four decades. By helping thousands of students, their parents and teachers, VIE France has continually improved their services to tailor them to the needs of the students of today. Their Family Stay program creates an environment conducive to improving their skills in a second language, their confidence, and self-reliance. In this program, American students are hosted by a French family that is required to have a child in the same age range as your student. By having a teenage French companion and no other American peers at their host family’s home, travelling students naturally require to resort to their knowledge of French to communicate and improve their French speaking skills.

Do you have any questions or need further details? Visit their website and read up on testimonials and stories of past teachers, students, and parents about their travel study experience with VIE France. Also, do not forget to contact them for an accurate quotation on your specific needs. They will be happy to help you.